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Lamanai is the Mayan word for "submerged crocodile". This site is one of the oldest, continuously inhabited archaeological zones in the Mayan World and one of the few that has retained its original name. This archaeological park consists of approximately 860 acres, the second largest site in Belize. It is a primitive, unrestored site where trails take you to rainforest-covered pyramids that feature howler monkeys roaring from the trees! The main temple is the only building to have been significantly restored.

We departed Orange Walk in a water taxi, and traveled up river for about 1 hour befor arriving at Lamanai. We spent two hours exploring the archeological site and museum before taking the water taxi back to our starting point. Since you are trekking in a tropical rain forest, plan on getting damp-to-wet! The jungle, ruins and howler monkeys were amazing! Check out our Lamanai photos and videos!


Our tour included lunch when we arrived at Lamanai! Admission was about $5 USD. You can learn more about Lamanai here!

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