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Both of us (Ralph and Chris) were raised with a traveling spirit, and together we love to explore new and exciting places around the world. We live in Woodbridge, California which is conveniently located between the Sierra Nevada Mountains (and Lake Tahoe) and the Pacific Coastline. We are less than 2 hours from Yosemite National Park and Point Reyes National Seashore. There are SPECTACULAR places to visit within a four to six hour drive of us. So we are always looking for "the place" that is uniquely beautiful to visit. We hope to share them all with you here, and on our Social Media pages!

I (Ralph) am a tech geek by day and performing musician by night, when we are not out exploring. Weekdays I am busy working as the Chief Information Officer for an agency in the Health Care Sector.

Chris is the Human Resources director for a large food processing company in Northern California. She is a fairly good painter, tinkers with playing the Ukelele and loves to end the work week in search of some sort of adventure.



Dallas the Aussiedoodle is our dog (half Australian Shepherd, half Mini Poodle) and she LOVES to hike and find adventure with us!



Our brand new 2022 Rockwood Mini Lite 2509s travel trailer is our home when we are out wandering domestically. We recently finished a 16 Day Trek across the Western United States to pick her up in Monument, Colorado and bring her back home to California (the long way)!

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