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"If you tried to give Rock N Roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry" - John Lennon
RP CESENA - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals     FUNK & ROCK


RP is the founding member of AGENT and the band’s lead vocalist, keyboardist and occasional rhythm guitarist.  A multi-instrumentalist, he can also perform on bass.  RP’s faithful reproduction of many vocal styles gives AGENT its unique ability to cover a wide range of music from Funk to Rock including Journey (Steve Perry), Bad Company (Paul Rogers), Prince and much more.  RP brings a soulful rendition to every vocal performance, earning AGENT a Modesto Area Music Awards (MAMA) nomination in 2018!

In 1998 RP was recruited by Anne Loureiro of IRS Records after she heard his original song "You're So Hard On Me" at a local live music venue.

CHRIS COMACHO - Drums, Vocals     FUNK & ROCK


Chris brings to AGENT+ over 20 years of professional drumming experience, and is the band’s “X Factor” in bringing a third strong harmony into the bands power vocal lineup.

In 2016, Chris earned a Modesto Area Music Awards (MAMAs) nomination as a member of the band "Threshold"; and again in 2018 as a member of AGENT.

MICHAEL GONZALES - Bass, Vocals          FUNK & ROCK

Michael brings a fourth vocal, and a solid bass foundation to the band, that includes deep technical grooves rooted in funk, R&B and Rock. 


Michael has performed with bands such as “Journey Revisited”, “Villain” (which was signed by Alfa Records in Japan), and Tabu.  During his time with both Journey Revisited and Tabu, the bands were nominated for Modesto Area Music Awards (MAMAs); as well as a MAMA in 2018 with AGENT!

JOHNNY FEIKERT - Guitars, Vocals     ROCK

Johnny brings that classic rock "Crunch" to the band with his Fractalicious monster sound, and collection of 6 and 12 string guitars! His solid vocal ensure the band can faithfully produce songs from Journey, to the Eagles and beyond! 


Johnny was a founding member of AGENT, and has also performed with bands such as “Jet Red”, “Z-Boy” and "Toast". His guitar heroes are Davey Johnstone (Elton John), Alex Lifeson (Rush), Eddie VanHalen (RIP), Randy Rhoades, and John Sykes (Whitesnake, Blue Murder, Thin Lizzy). 

CLINT "McFunky" MCFADDEN - Guitar, Vocals     FUNK

Clint is a music teacher and guitar player who has worked with many well known bands and singers, including musicians who have performed with Bobby Brown, Janet Jackson, and Todd Agnew. When he is not introducing children to the world of music, Clint will be practicing and performing with AGENT! His diversity draws from a variety of styles including blues, rock, jazz, funk and country.  Clint can ROCK, Clint can get Funky!

Mike Dodero - Saxophone     FUNK


Mike is a veteran musician who has performed for over 20 years all around Northern California!

Bill Lohman - Trumpet     FUNK

Bill is a veteran musician with 20+ years of experience performing all over Northern California!

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