Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between a 1-day tournament schedule and a 2-day tournament schedule?
  • 1 day tournament schedules:
    • you must be flexible enough to play games EITHER on Saturday or Sunday (but not both)
    • 1 day schedules cannot be guaranteed (subject to availability, which will be communicated the Monday prior to the tournament)
    • teams play 3 games in one day
    • the day of games (Saturday or Sunday) will be determined by the Tournament Scheduler (we do not take requests for which day)
    • games are typically spaced 2 hours apart (example: 9am, 12pm, 3pm), but can be longer 
    • games can also be scheduled back to back (to shorten the day, if all teams agree to playing back-to-back games)
    • there are no refunds for cancelling due to inavailability of 1 day schedules
    • teams spend about 8 hours playing 3 games
  • 2 day tournament schedules:
    • teams play 3 games over 2 days
    • typical schedules can be "2 games saturday, 2 game Sunday" or "1 game Saturday, 2 games sunday" at the discretion of the Tournament Scheduler
    • schedules can be 2 games Saturday, and 1 game Sunday (or 1 game Saturday, and 2 games Sunday)
    • games are typically spaced 1 hour apart (example:  Saturday, 9am and 11am - plus one game Sunday)
    • teams spend about 4 hours playing 3 games (over 2 days)
Can we request a special schedule?
NorCal Hoops accept, but cannot guarantee schedule requests.  Teams that end up in pools or brackets of more than 5 teams will not have predictable schedules (because next-games are determined by win/loss record and we cannot predict which teams will win or lose).  When in 4 or 5 team brackets, we TRY to accomodate schedule requests but CANNOT GUARANTEE.  This is due to the large numbers of scheduling factors that must be considered.
What are the admissions prices for coaches?
Each team will be provided TWO complimentary Admission Wristbands for AAU Certified Coaches ONLY.  Coaches must present their valid AAU Card and a Photo ID, and sign in, in order to receive a free wristband.  We require AAU Cards because AAU coaches are screened with Criminal BACKGROUND CHECKS as part of the process to get an AAU Card.  This insures the safety of kids participating in our events.  There are no exceptions.
Coaches that do not have a valid AAU Membership Card and Photo ID will be required to pay general admission prices to enter the event, and cannot be on the bench during games.
What are the admissions prices for fans?
Admission is charged at the door each day of the tournament. Fans will be issued a wrist band upon payment of admission which must be worn at all times. No re-entry will be allowed without a valid wrist band. There are no refunds.
TWO coaches per team will be provided with free admission at time of check-in. Additional coaches will be required to pay the price of Admission, no exceptions.
What are the rules for NorCalHoops.Net Tournaments?
Rules can be found on our RULES page.
$15 Adults (age 17 to 59)
$10 Seniors (age 60 & up)
$10 Children (age 10 to 16)
FREE Children 9 and under
$15 Adults (age 17 to 59)
$10 Seniors (age 60 & up)
$10 Children (age 10 to 16)
FREE Children 9 and under
When are tournament schedules posted?
Please see our RULES page for more information.
Posting date / time of schedule can be influenced by cancellations and other issues outside of our control.
We have a club with more than one team.  Do you offer Multi-Team Discounts?
Yes, our ONLINE REGISTRATION system will automatically calculate discounts based on the number of teams you register all at once.
We only have one team.  Are there any ways for us to get a discount?
Yes, there are a couple of ways.  We regularly email out (to our email list) special "promo codes" that can be used for discounts that apply to any number of teams .. from 1 to 100!  SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAILS FROM OUR HOME PAGE!
In addition, we also offer single teams a "multi-tournament" discount package.
Please CONTACT US for more information.
Can a tournament spot be held for our team?
Our automated registration system allocates tournament slots on a "first paid, first served" basis.  We are not able to "hold" tournament spots without payment (which can only be made by Credit or Debit Card online).
How Do I Determine In Which Competitive Division is right for my team?
If you are a new team and have not yet played in a NorCal Hoops tournament, you should register in at least the COMPETITIVE division. Teams are not allowed to begin at the NOVICE level (you have to earn the right to "play down"). If you are a first time team, it will be up to the tournament director to place your team in the appropriate division based on research and other input. Teams may be moved up based on reputation or input from other tournament promoters.
What Is A Grade Exception Player?
See the Player Eligibility section of our Rules Page.
How Do I Determine If A Player Is A Grade Exception?
See the Player Eligibility section of our Rules Page.
How Many Grade Exception Players Are Allowed On A Team?
See the Player Eligibility section of our Rules Page.
Can Girls Play on Boys AAU Basketball Teams?
No, girls are only eligible to play on girls teams - by AAU rule.
Do You Have A Question?
Please submit your questions from our CONTACT US page.